Why is Locatelli leaving?

Why is Locatelli leaving?

AC Milan’s 20-year-old midfielder Manuel Locatelli left Milan on loan for Sassuolo with an obligation to buy. 

(Pensive sigh)

Another Pierre-Emrick Aubameyang, anyone?

Locatelli has mad 48 Serie A appearances for Milan since his debut in 2016. However, he only played 90 minutes four times last season, and hasn’t looked his best throughout last season and this season’s preseason.

However, he’s 20 years old! Only very, very, special players can slip into the first team when 20 and hold down a position.

And that’s when Milan have been in such turmoil, on and off the pitch, with falling out of Europe’s elite, and Li Yonghong plunging the club into debt.

It’s a sad and disappointing decision to let Locatelli leave, and one that I believe will come back to bite Milan.

Picture credit: https://www.calciomercato.com/en/news/manuel-locatelli-close-to-sassuolo-switch-the-details-70200

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