Why Europa League is (and should be) the current priority of Arsenal

Why Europa League is (and should be) the current priority of Arsenal

It’s been a long time since we’ve been posting anything and yes, we’re busy people who are on Discord and doing real life stuff. So we apologize for any inconveniences caused owing to our absence.

In this article, I’ll talk about my beloved Arsenal again. Yes, the English Premier League may not be my main focus anymore but as an Arsenal fan, there is always something which needs to be said about the club.

Currently, Arsenal are playing in two big competitions. The regular Premier League in England and the Europa League, in which they’ll face Valencia in the semi-finals and if they’re lucky enough, they’ll pay a visit to Baku again.

I’ll be very honest here. Both competitions are important to the team. However, if I were Emery and have the chance to prioritize the priorities of the team, I’ll focus on the Europa League.

Here’s an unpopular opinion. In the Premier League, the mid-table teams are harder to beat than that of the Top 6 ones. For real.

The reason behind? They can play freely without much stress and the obligation to win. This is what makes them trickier to beat. Like Crystal Palace this season, grabbing the precious points away from home.

Yes, the Premier League still matters since Arsenal can’t be in the top 4 if they’re on a losing streak (and the others win their games). Yet, there are more away games waiting for them than that at home.

The problem with Arsenal is that their away form in the Premier League has been notoriously poor. Even if they win, they can’t really keep a clean sheet. The defence will turn invisible to provide joy to the home fans.

With the Leicester and Burnley having pretty good home results against the Big 6, it’s time for the Gunners to step up and improve their away form. Otherwise, they won’t get what they truly deserve.

Compared to the difficult situation in the Premier League, Arsenal are 270 minutes away from lifting a European trophy, if they play well and consistently to be in the final.

Valencia, though, will be their obstacle in their way to the final. With former Gunners Gabriel and Coquelin in the squad, Los Che would want to be at Baku and to face whoever they’ll be facing.

At the same time, VCF will be expecting a familiar face, at the same time. They’ll be welcoming Emery, one of their former managers who guided them during the years with the debt issues, back home.

Also returning to the Mestalla will be Shkodran Mustafi, as a player.

Alas, there can be no sentiment on the pitch. It’s not going to be easy at all. Two cup finals of 90 minutes at stake for both teams and it’ll be interesting to see who’ll win the tie before travelling to Azerbaijan in late May.

Of course, I’m not saying that Arsenal should not pay attention to the Premier League. The Top 4 race is still on and honestly speaking, the Gunners must be vigilant enough not to make more mistakes in the PL.

However, the Europa Leauge is relatively easier to handle, since Arsenal will have the time to prepare for the second leg in Spain. Also, it’s a big test for Emery and his men to balance everything they currently have.

Rome wasn’t built a day from Klopp and Guardiola’s experience. And Emery can do the same. But his men need to wake up and strengthen themselves if they want Champions League football to return to the Emirates.

And currently, there’s no better option than playing well in the Europa League in order to achieve the aim. At this moment, though, we can only pray that Arsenal won’t make the mistake like the one last season.

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