About us

FootyFans was founded by, and is managed, run, and operated by three teenage blokes (with technical help from Dan’s dad! Love ya Dad!). They are:

Dan Moskovitz is a Wellington-based football nut, supporting the Wellington Phoenix, AC Milan and Manchester United. Dan became a football fan back in 2014 when he became hooked to the ongoing World Cup and has been an addict ever since. Aside from Footy Fans, he also does a fair bit of writing work for the Wellington Phoenix, and manages his own political blog, Politkiwi. When not writing, Dan is known to go running, lose at video games, and listen to audio books. You can reach Dan via his Twitter, or by his Quora.

Zac Taylor is one of a rare breed: a Kiwi football fan. He supports Wellington Phoenix, West Ham and Borussia Mönchengladbach. Zac has been watching and playing football since 2012 when he switched from rugby after a serious injury. Outside of Footy Fans Zac likes playing floorball and video games, studying and reading books. You can reach Zac via his Twitter.

Oliver Robinson is (no surprises here) a football fan from Wellington who supports the Phoenix. He also supports Everton and the Panamanian national team (long story). He’s been watching since late 2013, and played for five years, but wasn’t a great player. Oliver also referees football and loves politics and music. He’s also been known on the site from August to October as Blake Russell (also a long story). You can reach Oliver via his Quora account, here.

FootyFans also has some authors working for us. Big shout out to them, they do an amazing job. They are:

Alfred Yip is the oldest guy in the FootyFans crew and an university student from Hong Kong. He supports Arsenal but also follows Dortmund and Barcelona closely. A loyal fan of Team HK, Alfred knows a lot about Asian football. Outside football, Alfred is a language, music and writing fanatic. An aspired, possibly a sports journalist in the future, you can reach him through his Quora and Twitter.